That we have made it thus far in the world is because the CHS-JCCSS
which we attended so many years ago, was, like the Athens of Pericles
and the England of Elizabeth I, a place where the finest virtues of
character flourished as vigorously in the classroom as on the playing field.

– Rishi Singh – CHS-JCCSS Reunion – Toronto MMVI A.D

Grad and former teacher, Mr. Rishi Singh, addressing Staff and Students of JCCSS in 2010.  The occasion was the handing over of books and computers to the school.  Over 20,000 books were donated by a charitable organization in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  Some of the books were donated to the University of Guyana (Berbice Campus) and to schools in the remote areas of the upper Corentyne river.  Computers were donated by Metro Office Supplies of New York and Guyana. Rishi is the youngest of six brothers five of whom attended Corentyne High School (now JCCSS).

Rishi is an inspiration to current students and an invaluable resource for all grads.

(Ms. Lucinda Gopal)

Mr. Rishi Singh

Proud grads

I grew up in Kilcoy Village, Corentyne.  I attended Cropper Primary School and JC Chandisingh Secondary School.  I graduated from JC in 2008 and, after working for a year as a teacher, I migrated to Canada.  I attended college in Canada during which time I worked part-time as a model;  I was a finalist at the Miss Canada Universe 2011.  In May 2018 I got married to Yudesh and our love story was featured in the New York Times Magazine and website.

Sadhna Yunus-Bissnauth

I am from Tain Settlement, Corentyne.  I graduated at JC in 1981. During my time at JC my favourite subjects were English Literature and History; I enjoyed  playing table tennis and was a school Prefect. I am married to Shazam, a grad at JC and a civil engineer who owns a contracting firm.  All our children attended JC; our daughter Shazeeda, graduated in the Class of 1999 and went on to pursue her studies in Mechanical Engineering, Canada.

Shantaz Singh-Hussain

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