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Landmark at No. 61 Village – by Parvina Devi

Here is a lovely photograph of a house at No. 61 Village, Corentyne which many of our grads will remember.  The house is owned by Karamchand [...]

Villagers – Cotton Tree, WCBerbice

Website hits for last 24 hours

Wales, WBD – pic by Girendra Persaud

Main Street (1930)

The usual suspects

Some Form 3 students of JCCSS

A Glass of Mauby – Paris Singh

Quite a few years ago, in my morning walk I used to pass an establishment some two miles away that proudly displayed the sign “G. [...]

Guiana Graphic (1948)

NY 2009

L - R: Ms. Bebe Hatim, Glynnis and Reggie Etwaroo, the Tulsi sisters (from No. 47 Village, Corentyne)

Short history of Danielstown – Mohamed Khan

Immediately after emancipation Mr. Daniel an Englishman and the owner of plantation Sparta, Fear Not, Coffee Grove and Lima decided to sell his lands to [...]