Daily Archives: 05/07/2017

On a lighter note

A while back the U.N. conducted a survey.  The only question asked was, "Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food [...]

Reunion sponsors needed – by Dr. Raquel Ferreira-Madhoo

  2017 Reunion planning is in high gear and the Reunion Committee is appealing for local and overseas sponsors to come forward.  We need money [...]

Pics from 2013 Reunion at Leonard’s of Great Neck, NY

Popularity of Bara in Holland and Guyana – by Dr. Vishnu Bisram

Bara and roti may be introduced to the (Dutch, French, Anglophone) greater Caribbean region (including Trinidad, Guyana, Surinam, Jamaica, and French Guiana) by the indentured [...]

Teacher Ramphal – by Ahad Ishoop

Teacher Ramphal, as we knew him was a son of Albion Estate. No wonder Mr Nathoo regarded him as “one of the most intelligent men” [...]