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Salut à tout les niveaux de JCCSS

DEVIL'S ISLAND, FRENCH GUIANA  J'ai beaucoup d'amis qui sont au niveau de JC. Je suis vraiment excitée d'entendre parler de La Réunion de JC au [...]

Hercules bicycles 1960’s

Roop aged 14

Roopnandan Singh (Class of 1966) at the age of 14 in 1964

Robert Christiani earns his laurels at Lord’s – by Shan Razack

Middlesex is a name which for Guyanese has rung a bell ever since the halcyon days of 1950 when the West Indies made each day [...]

Anand Sukhram ( 1949 – 2017 ) Class of 1967

Irrelevancy of Class of 1971 – by Ms. Sarah Foo

  Regarding the negativity of class of 1971 why is that even an issue ? I mean, who cares ? Mr. Rishi Singh is Class [...]