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Pegasus Hotel

From Russia With Love

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (pic and notes from Ms. Lucinda Gopal in Moscow for the 2018 World Cup).  "It was originally built in the 19th [...]

From Russia With Love

Our thanks to Ms. Lucinda Gopal who is currently in Moscow for the 2018 World Cup. She sent pics of the Moscow subway, fans outside [...]

Demerara River c1900

  This house stood its ground for just over 200 years until destroyed by fire. Note the two cannons in front of the white-top cottage. [...]

Congratulations to Paul & Rajshrie of Nigg

Know India Program – Jai Seecharran

Strand, New Amsterdam (1909)

Section of Strand, New Amsterdam showing the Berbice Gazette Store, SW Wreford, Co.Ltd., and the NA Town Hall.

Indra’s house – BBP – 1960’s

Queens Book Fair

“The Hunt for Red October” – Tom Clancy

In 1975 a Soviet naval officer led a mutiny on board a frigate with the aim of toppling the government of Leonid Brezhnev. The attempt [...]