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Staff of Yakusari Primary School (1978)

(Raymond Rambarran, courtesy)

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Ramdin

The JC Guyana Chapter would like to thank Mr. Satrohan Ramdin (Class of 1966 and a former teacher at Corentyne High School) for sending two [...]

Attar and the fragrances of Summer

In Guyana those who live in the countryside can always look forward to going outside after a shower of rain to enjoy that invigorating smell [...]

Teachers – Wellington Park Primary School (1974)


Last night I approved a comment by Leonard Punambolam without first checking on its accuracy. This evening when I came home from work I was [...]

Funeral arrangements for the late Zorida Fudadin (1962 – 2018)

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un The death is announced of Zorida Fudadin, Age 56 years, who died on Saturday July 21st 2018 She was [...]

The Mootoo family (1976)

Nazimool & Zorida (1981)

  This was a romance that was conceived and birthed in the hallowed halls of CHS. It was young, pure and unencumbered. As the “older [...]

Our sympathies to the Fudadin family

It is with great sorrow and distress that the JC Grads (Guyana Chapter) has learned of the passing of one of our grads, Ms. Zorida [...]

Girls of Form 3C

  CHS Girls - Form 3C:  L-R: Miss Jayanti Lochan, Miss Zorida Mootoo, Miss Dulari (Mohan ?).  Pic taken in 1977 at Mootoo's Photo Studio.  [...]