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Back in time when America was mainly an agricultural country, there was no Fall or Autumn. The season was more aptly called Harvest. At this [...]

Berbice students at Mankato College (1963) – Vince Ramcharran

Left to right : Frank Moorgan ; F.Khan ; Dr. Fred Ramlall ; K.Jarvis ; Dr. C.L. Crawford ; R. Hanoman ; Jai Secharran and [...]

Pagoda temple, Skeldon

This photograph was taken on May 6, 2007. The plume of smoke from the twin chimneys of the Skeldon sugar factory meant weekly paychecks for [...]

St. Joseph’s Anglican Church (1940’s) – Prof. Jeronimo Vida Manzano

Kato Village – Girendra Persaud

Here are two members of the Gomes family in Kato. Mrs. Gomes (their Mom) takes care of the guest house near the airstrip in Kato. [...]

Ahilya at Port Mourant Reunion 2018

L  - R: Ms. Eunice Chetram Sukhnandan and Ms. Ahilya Ramdhan.  Eunice was a teacher at St. Joseph's Anglican School during the 1960's.     [...]

Thanks for the memories – Prof. Jeronimo Vida Manzano

Hi, I am Jerónimo Vida, a 55 years old Professor at University of Granada in Spain. I spent my youth with Rev. David Roy Lewis [...]

Plantation Houston (1905)

It is well-nigh impossible not to remember the Vieira family when one thinks of Plantation Houston on the East Bank Demerara. Manoel Vieria was born [...]

Cricket match (2009)

Yupukari Village, Upper Takatu (Region 9) – Girendra Persaud

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