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Members – Chinese Association of BG

“I’m a product of the sugar estate” – an essay by Ms. Jan Lowe Shineburne

I see myself as a product of the sugar estate. I think of most Guyanese [apart from the Amerindians] as being a product of the [...]

Avenue of Palms, Wakenaam (1898 & 2019)


We hear from Amy

Rishi’s tribute to the memory of his friend Lionel is a timely reminder about the brevity of human life. We are here on Earth for [...]

“The Starapple Tree” by Jan Lowe Shinebourne

Congratulations to Guyanese writer Ms. Jan Lowe Shinebourne whose latest novel “The Starapple Tree”, completed in 2018, is now awaiting publication in England.  “The Starapple [...]

Famous grad

Very likely the most famous grad of Bygeval Secondary School, Mahaica.

Walter Kruger, village tailor of Rose Hall

Just in:  We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Kruger has passed away. ==== My father, Walter Kruger, 94 years old, was the village tailor [...]

My friend, Lionel

It was with great sorrow that I learned of the passing of my friend Lionel Peter Ramlatchman. We were classmates during our Sixth Form years [...]

Tuseneng Village, North Pakaraima – Girendra Persaud

Mango trees in the hinterland regions are far bigger than the ones we have in the coastal regions of Guyana. Do you know why? Well [...]

Survival of our species – Jai Seecharran

  A seed! A seed! What is a seed? A seed can be as microscopic as a spore or as big as a coconut. They [...]