I told Rishi this story yesterday and he asked me to post it here, and that maybe someone will be able to help.

Just a week ago I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Cusco, Peru waiting for our tour guide and coach driver. I happened to be sitting next to a family and we started chatting. Mr. Nelson Martinez told me he is from Honduras and his wife from Belize. The family now live in Cypress, Texas. When I told them I am from Guyana, he told me this story: Mr. Martinez father worked on an oil tanker, Carib Gas X Tanker and on a visit to Guyana about April 13, 1976 he died in an accident in Georgetown. Since there was no one to claim his body he was buried as “John Doe”. The Martinez family would like to give their father the honor of a Christian burial and in this way bring closure to their sadness. They would also welcome any details about the accident or where he was buried.

If there is anyone who remembers anything about this incident please get in touch with me. Also, please let me know where to begin to look for information.

Ms. Yamonee Barboro