Baby Boy's House

On my way from Georgetown to Rosignol, once I pass Mes Delices I would begin to keep a keen lookout for this house at Carlton Hall which is the next village after Rebecca’s Rust, Mahaicony. In the early 1900’s there used to be only one rice mill in Carlton Hall and it was owned by Jose Gomes. It is conceivable that he originally owned this house but one is not too sure about that. In the 1940’s the house was the property of the Juman family. The Jumans were among the richest rice farming magnates in Mahaicony along with Benny Persaud, Manoo Persaud, and Joken. The Jumans also owned race horses and exported coconut copra back in the 1940 / 1950’s. The house was then passed on to Baby Boy Juman. Baby Boy’s wife Dolly came from the Hussain family which manufactured lemonade and Tom Boy soft drink in Broad Street, Charlestown. A scene from the local movie “If Wishes Were Horses” (1976) was shot at this location.

Rishi Singh