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POSTSCRIPT:  A happy ending

I am thankful for the blog. Actually I was surprised to see my nanie as I was searching for another blog from October when I discovered this.  God must have sent Sarah there.  I was at work and could not function after seeing her and Sarah.  Thanks to Sarah as well.  I had mentioned to my grandma "nanie" that I will be calling tomorrow to confirm her decision about getting the holiday visa.  My family is excited to have her with us – trust she cooperates.  Then when she is here, my mother will sponsor her.  Thanks for compassion for others and all the charity work.  I will keep you posted.  

Nadira Henry – March 31, 2015


Thanks in large measure to the generous donations from our GUYANA GALLERY members and supporters, we were able to take some pre-Christmas cheer to the folks living in the Berbice Dharamshalla last Saturday, November 8, 2014.  The Dharamshalla, a Hindi word which literally translates to “a resting home”,  is located just to your left as you descend the Canje Bridge entering New Amsterdam.  Boxed dinners were prepared for all twenty-six residents and the menu consisted of macaroni with chicken, potato salad, fish cakes, vegetable salad, milo, water, and soda.  For dessert ice cream was served.  All the food was lovingly prepared by GG Admin Ms. Sarah Foo and her mom Mrs. Malone Foo at their home as their own personal contribution to our “Christmas Cheer” efforts in Guyana.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed their hot delicious home-cooked meals and expressed deep gratitude to everyone not just for the food but also that there are people out there who remember them especially around this time of the year when family and friends mean so much.

Sarah chatted with each of the resident to let them know that we will try to reach out to them not only at Christmas time but as often as we can.  Nearly every resident, male and female, had a sad story to tell, the general theme being one of abandonment and or of misplaced trust leading to dispossession of property by family and friends.  One resident also confided that his doctor has ordered weekly dialysis but that there is no way he can afford the cost.  A number of the residents usually do not say much to strangers but for some reason they opened up to Sarah.

We would like to thank Mr. Lindsay Erskine of the Berbice Dharamshalla for allowing us to be of service to the residents there.  Also, our thanks to Sarah and her mom for cooking the food items and serving to the residents.  We also want to thank our members and supporters who made this possible by their generous donations.  Most important we want to thank the residents of the Berbice Dharamshalla for graciously accepting our drop-in-the-bucket but nonetheless sincere efforts to reach out to them.

If you would like to make a donation or send used clothing, please contact Ms. Neeta Jagdeo by inbox or contact any of the Admins who will then ask Neeta to reach out to you.  There are 26 people residing at Berbice Dharamshala,  16 males and 10 females aged between 22 – 90 years; 5 residents ( 2 males and 3 females) are bedridden.

Ms. Audrey Pieters

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