May 3, 2020

Empire Day hymn

My grandfather recalls singing the Empire Day hymn as a child in Guyana. At 80, his memory is not what it was and this article [...]

Apr 19, 2020

Inter-House Sports 1993

Girl standing on the right in the floral dress is Ms. Radica (Budhoo) Surujpaul.  She attended Lower Corentyne Secondary and was employed as Secretary of [...]

Apr 11, 2020

Rosignol Market this Easter Saturday Morning

Apr 10, 2020

New Forest, Canje

Apr 9, 2020

Hampshire squatting family

Apr 9, 2020

Hampshire / Williamsburg Squatting Area

Guyana Gallery member, Ms. Naressa Drijodhan, takes aid packages to residents in the Hampshire / Williamsburg squatting areas.  

Apr 9, 2020

Sobhanlall Prahalad (1947-2020) – Class of 1966

I was just informed by one of our grads, Ms. Mala Gopal Prittipal, that her uncle Sobhanlall Prahalad , also known as Dost, passed away [...]

Apr 7, 2020

Guyana Gallery member Ms. Naressa Drijodhan

GUYANA GALLERY member Ms. Naressa Drijodhan delivers pandemic aid packages to various households

Apr 5, 2020

Last known pic of Yollanda Cinema (2001)

Apr 5, 2020

Ms. Evangilly McBean (Class of 2008) & family