Ramesh and Suresh Hanuman

A month ago, my uncle, Harold Hanuman’s grand daughter, Shanti got married and she invited almost all the Hanuman family. It was good to see the family in Minneapolis. Ramesh (left)asked me to take a picture of him and his brother Suresh. Their wives Sita and Radha are in the background. On Monday morning, Ramesh called to say his brother, Suresh passed away in his sleep.

Booneet Gupta Hanuman, 62 years old aka Suresh passed away in Minneapolis Minnesota. He is the son of the late Johny & Betty Hanuman. He is survived by his loving wife Sita, 2 children and grand children.

The family had owned a saw mill in Sheet Anchor on the Canje River in Guyana. He was the grandson of the late Shakey of Rose Hall (rice mill). His late brother’s wife bought the a power ball lottery ticket in 2000 winning $71 million

Funeral service and cremation is on Oct 21, 12 to 6 pm at Cremation Society of Minnesota, 4343 Nicollet Ave, South Minneapolis , MN 55409.

Yamonee Barboro