Charles Ramcharitar-Lalla was in the first intake of students of newly established Berbice High School in 1916.  He later trained as a teacher at the Teachers Training College before beginning to teach at Massiah Canadian Mission Primary School, Corentyne.  In 1934 he edited “An Anthology of local Indian verse”.  His poem “The Weeding Gang” has become a favorite of school children. 


I know the girls are coming,

For I hear the gentle humming

Of choruses they're singing on their way;

I hear their saucepans jingling,

And their cutlasses a-tingling,

Which as their music instruments they play.


They fill the silence after,

With their peals of merry laughter

Which float upon the pinion of the air;

And also ease their walking

With some idle silly talking,

With kheesaz and boojhowals very queer.


Then once again their singing

They resume, until the ringing

Of their voices mingles with the whistling breeze;

I love to see their faces


*kheesaz = stories; boojhowals = riddles.