At the time this photograph was taken, the name of the complex was changed from D’Aguiar’s Ice House (DIH) to D’Aguiar’s Imperial Holdings (DIH) which comprised a hotel (Imperial Hotel), rum shops, and a soda factory. The lower section on the left is now Idiho food bar. The acclaimed British novelist Evelyn Waugh (“Brideshead Revisited”) stayed at the Imperial Hotel in December 1932. He complained that his room smelled of “Flit.” Someone should have told him that every home in BG had a flit gun in those days. Also, when Peter D’Aguiar and Kathleen Brassington got married in 1950 they stayed at the Imperial Hotel for a number of years. It was in this Hotel that Peter conceived the idea of a local beer. In 1955 Banks Beer was launched.

Rishi Singh