It is with deep and abiding sorrow that we announce the passing of Mr. Dwarka Shiwraj (Uncle Walker) of Bush Lot Village, Corentyne. Mr. Shiwraj was a Senior Master at our school in 1999, becoming HM in 2002, a position he competently held until 2006.

Mr. Shiwraj was born in Bush Lot Village and attended Bush Lot Primary and Bush Lot Secondary schools. In 1975 he joined the Guyana National Service and spent a year at the Papaya Training Center, North West District. It was at Papaya that he preached his first sermon. In 1977 he was accepted at the Cyril Potter Teachers Training College where his areas of interest were Agri Science, Wood Work, and Electrical Installation. After graduation Mr. Shiwraj started teaching at Bush Lot Secondary School. In 1980 he got married to Kumarie of Bush Lot.
Mr. Shiwraj’s best remembered years as a teacher were at JC Chandisingh Secondary School. Starting as a Senior Master in 1999, he became HM in 2002. That very year he was recognized as “Head Master of the Year.” In 2005 he was Best Head Master of Region 6. These acclaims and laurels were earned through hard work, dedication, and meritorious proficiency of the highest standard.

I first met Mr. Shiwraj in 2006 when I visited the school. He was already being understudied by Ms. Bagmattie LaCruz. Not even for a minute did he give any indication that I might be imposing on his time. Mr. Shiwraj explained to me the rewards and challenges of his tenure and gave me a tour of the facility. I was especially interested in the school’s library housed in the upper Auditorium. He showed me about five text books he had authored or co-authored. “Science in Daily Life” was a series of three books for Secondary Schools. Mr. Shiwraj also showed me a beautiful photograph of the Class of 2005 taken on Graduation Day. I may be mistaken, but I believe this is the first year that a formal graduation ceremony was instituted at the school. Major kudos to Ms.Taneysha McKenzie who has preserved her copy of the photograph in its original pristine condition. I again met Mr. Shiwraj in 2013. It was a Saturday and he just happened to be visiting the school, or maybe he must have heard that I was going to be there. He told me he left the school in 2006 and worked for a few years as a Lab Tech at UG Tain Campus for a few years before retiring altogether to devote more time as Pastor of the Full Gospel Church at Cromarty.

Many thousands of students, both at Bush Lot Secondary and at JC, have passed through his hands and without exception they all have glowing words and memories of Mr. Shiwraj. What greater monument can a man ask for ?

We offer our deepest sympathy to his wife Kumari, children Joel, Dian, and Joshua, and grandchildren Jaden, Ezekiel, Jenna, and Esra.

Rishi Singh