Sharo Dulum

Ms. Sharo Dulum

Thanks to a team of avid researchers (all grads of JC Chandisingh Secondary School) working across several time zones over a period of several months, we have been able to put together the following history: Today August 30, 2019 is exactly 120 years since the sailing ship “Foyle” departed Calcutta for Demerara. After an epic 116 days at sea “Foyle” sailed into the Demerara River on December 24, 1899. The indentured laborers were disembarked on December 26. Among the arrivals were 382 men, 141 women, 21 boys, 17 girls, and 7 babies born at sea. Two other babies, both girls, were born, died, and buried at sea. Also, among the arrivals was a man named Dulum. Dulum’s descendants are still around today. Ms. Sharo Dulum is one of our grads. We have a lot more to tell. But all in good time.

Rishi Singh