I was most fortunate to be at my old school on the day school re-opened for the new academic year. I watched from a distance as the various forms took up their positions on the tarmac. After the National Pledge was recited the assembly was addressed by HM Ms. Shaundelle Bourne. It was one of the finest speeches I have heard in recent years.

Ms. Bourne welcomed the teachers and the students back after the long holidays. She had an especial warm welcome to “the little ones” for whom it was their very first day at high school. She drew attention to my presence which I thought was a most cordial gesture. Ms. Bourne then proceeded to deliver in her gentle and eloquent manner words of excellent advice to all the students. She reminded them that they were there for an education, therefore dedication to studies and assignments, discipline, and respect for teachers will be basic requirements. She told them to take pride in their uniform and in their school. She reminded them that a good night’s sleep and good nutrition are essential if they are to be alert and productive in school. She wished them well and concluded by telling the students that their success in school and in life are what her job and the job of all the teachers are all about.

The students then sang the school song before they were dismissed. I hope in the coming months the HM’s message will be repeated to the students by their teachers and by their prefects.

Rishi Singh