It is with great sadness that we are here today to mourn the death of this beautiful young lady. Omwattie was always known at school for her fun loving and jolly nature. She was always kind, caring and gentle. She had a smile for everyone and was always ready to make new friends. Today, we the JC grads mourn not just the horrifying death of an amazing friend and daughter, but also that of a young mother. It is heart breaking to imaging that her daughter would no longer be able to hear her mother’s gentle voice or listen to her lullaby’s as she falls asleep.

To her family, you have our love and support. We know how hard it must be for you right now but be strong.
Omwattie will never be forgotten by any of us. Rest in peace sweet soul.

I also bring condolences from Executive member of the JC Guyana chapter Ms. Navita Kalicharan. She could not make it here but sends her heartfelt condolences to the family.

Ms. Kavita Kalicharan-Somwar  – Executive Member, JC Guyana Chapter


Tribute to Omwattie – by Richie Premnauth & Mona Persaud

We’ve known Omwattie for over 8 years and knowing the kind-hearted, friendly and loving person she was, this is not the kind of departure we all thought she’d ever have. Her unexpected death left many in shock and endless tears and it would forever leave a scar on those who knew her. So, on behalf of the class of 2015 & Staff of J. C. Chandisingh Secondary & The Premnauth Family , our deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Omwattie. We pray that God gives you all, strength and courage to tread on each day knowing that she is now at rest and in a better place: a place where she no longer bears any sorrow.

Our hearts also ache to think of her precious little one and we pray earnestly that God provide a way to comfort her little angel in the absence of her dearest mother.

And to Omwattie, Today is the day you will be laid to rest,But you know what they say,God only takes the best and You are now a flower in his garden.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

Richie Premnauth, Executive Member, JC Guyana Chapter