Port Mourant Market - CopyI was fortunate to grow up in Free Yard, Port Mourant. It seemed like this locale was equidistant from all the significant places that moulded our experience in the younger days: Roopmahal Cinema and the Port Mourant Community Centre on the east; Apollo Cinema and Corentyne High School on the west; Port Mourant Race Course and Port Mourant Market right in the middle. Port Mourant market was indeed an iconic venue. On Saturdays the market transformed Free Yard into a bazaar, bubbling with life and enticing to the young ones. It was the place to sometimes wander around as little kids admiring the colourful toys and appetizing bakery. Indeed it brought back fond memories.

On my visit in 1980 or thereabouts I took this photo of the market from the verandah of a house just east of the market. The building next to this house would eventually become Spreddy’s. In my wandering days the covered portion of the market didn’t exist. It was all open air, daring the tough at heart to suffer the blazing sun. Funny it never bothered me. In the photo the main road was in front of the Texaco Station. For those of us who remember the locale, this road is the main link in the Corentyne. I can safely say that I walked miles and miles on this road on my way first as a primary school student to English School , then as a high school student to Corentyne High School, and subsequently as a teacher to Corentyne High School. On almost all of these treks I would pass the Port Mourant market. It gave me the opportunity on occasion to stop at the market on school days when the market was quieter than on Saturdays for a glass of cold ginger beer.

Banskumar Arjune