Ms. Yvonne Roberts is an ICU Nurse living in London. She visited NYC, and two weeks after returning to London she was admitted for 12 days in hospital. She was tested positive for COVID-19. Here is her story:

“Please, please everyone, stay safe from this killer condition. In all my thirty five years of ICU Nursing, I have not experienced anything like this. Seven days of Intravenous Antibiotics. C-REACTIVE PROTEIN 85mg/L. About ten liters of Sodium Chloride with Potassium over Twelve days for Serum Pottassium of 3.2 mmol/L. Two days of unstable blood sugar of 3 to 4 mmol. Hourly blood sugar levels check for the two days. Unable to eat or drink for almost two weeks. Unable to eat or drink for almost two weeks. The most vile oral medication was Sando Phosphate. The only Meds that helped me to come off the oxygen. Not able to see my family or family not able to see me was the most emotional time.I begged the Doctors for a DNR (Do Not Resusitate) Order. They said that they are not allowed to do that.

“When I heard that it was Easter, only then I had some hope because of the Sacred month. I looked up into the heavens for the Angels. I never saw them until I realized that I was surrounded by them the many Nurses from London, India, Phillipines, Africa, and Europe. They were so young like my nieces and nephews. I prayed every day for them to stay safe and strong. Not being selfish or mean but they were our only hope. They are our HEROES and deserve the highest award of the land. Though I am home, my Sats and pulse rate is being monitored in case of changes in the next couple of weeks. Still breathless at times but bearable.

“I guess a few of you would like to know what Antibiotics I was on. For me, I am always curious about something new like this condition. The Antibiotics were Intravenous Clarithromycin and Intravenous Ceftriaxone, twice daily and three times daily. With Covid discharge, we get carers to come home three times a day to help us. This is my 3rd week and have reduced my hours to 45 mins only and in the morning. Now I am so much better, I want to discontinue the help. My Nursing friends want me to carry on for another week more.”