Mr. JR LachmansinghJohn Babu Lachmansingh, was born in Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, British Guiana in 1864. He was the eldest son of Pariag Singh and Akagee who arrived from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India as indentured laborers to work at Bath sugar plantation.  JB Lachmansingh later settled in Bush Lot and was the first villager to be converted from the Hindu religion to Christianity by Rev. John Basnett Cropper, a Canadian Presbyterian missionary.  In 1880 he married Mahadei who, as a child, came with her parents from Calcutta to BG on the Ganges in 1871.  Their children included Dr. Joseph Pariag Lachmansingh, Joshua Ramjeet Lachmansingh, who became the Head Master of Albion Canadian Mission Primary School, and Bally Lachmansingh, who became a Member of Parliament in the colonial days.

Rishi Singh