I concur with your comment about “money”. Money alone, like a house without windows, has its limitations in terms of the advancement of a nation. However, money in tandem with an educated people is about the most powerful driving force towards prosperity I therefore applaud this initiative of encouraging students to strive for optimum excellence.

I will be honoured to be part of this iniative by funding increases of the awards as follows:

Best essay – $US125, an increase of $25
Runner-up – $US75, an increase of $25
Second runner-up – $US50, an increase of $US25
Ten consolation prizes – $US15 each, an increase of $US50

I will send you $US125 as soon as I receive your approval of my offer.

This competition is not about me or any other. It is about promoting education, and above all, an enabling force that will determine the future prosperity of all our people and country. Nothing will please me more than for other ex grads to match or even better my offer. Should there be a flood of donations, we should consider making this an annual event and capping the top award to $US200 and pro rata the minor prizes.

Best wishes for success.
Reginald Debah – London, England