Dear President Irfaan Ali,

Please allow me to send you my warmest congratulations on becoming our new President, and significantly a very special event, due to your triumph over sharp practices that nearly declared a loser as the winner of the election.

Mr President, you have taken office burdened with the awesome responsibility of government. I hope your enormous experience of government will enable you to successfully discharge your duties by implementing effective policies to meet the challenges facing our country.. In pursuit of these goals, please let your government be a symbol of fairness, justice, and equality. We will be immensely proud to see you lead a government of one people, one nation. What a stunning achievement and a lasting legacy It will be if every Guyanese, at home and abroad, looks in the mirror and says “ I am proud to be Guyanese, and with no emphasis on being Muslim, Hindu, Christian, etc.“ Social cohesion is the best available way to move the country on the road to social and economic prosperity.

Mr President, in my opinion, you have by far the best ever opportunities to build solid foundations and dependable economic pillars by wisely investing the vast wealth from oil exploration. In some respects, you have inherited a country akin to a “ blank sheet”. You have the capacity to transform this into a land with beautiful houses, quality roads and adéquate transport facilities, well built and equipped schools, colleges, universities and hospitals.

I have already emphasised the significance of governing as one nation. The people are usually very quick to detect and feel unfairness and injustice. Herein lies the building of a hate bomb that can explode with catastrophic consequences. Avoid this and your government will be sustained by the will of all the people.

Another destructive element is corruption, a social killer disease. It’s enough to quote the words of President Muhammad Bihari of Nigeria: “ Either Nigeria kills corruption or corruption kills Nigeria”. Note the Lebanon explosion attributed to corruption.

Finally, Mr President Irhaan Ali, I sincerely wish you every success during your entire mandate. I may no longer be here, but I hope your lasting legacy will be associated with transforming our beloved Guyana into a magical place filled with people basking in peace, happiness and prosperity. May it all come to pass and may your memory be immortalised with a monument standing majestically in front of our Legislature.

Respectfully yours,
Reginald Lowtan Debah.
UK. Aged 87, Ex Graduate of CHS, Berbice.