Hall of Fame Committee

 Dr. AK Jagnandan – Chair
Richard Nunes De Souza
Julip Singh
Reggie Etwaroo
Sam Duke
Derrick Kalicharran
Julius B. Nathoo – Advisor


[We are very grateful to Dr. AK Jagnandan for drafting this document and to all the members of the HOF Committee for submitting useful comments and suggestions.]


To honor individuals connected to JC Chandisingh Secondary School (JCCSS)/ Corentyne High School (CHS), to establish pride, and encourage achievement in sports. To recognize those CHS-JCCSS individuals who have made  significant contributions to  sports with impact on the school, community, county, country or on the international scene.  It is also intended as an energizing mechanism with which current CHS-JCCSS students can identify and be inspired by their  sports heroes.  It is the CHS alumni way of celebrating past performers and bringing them together with current athletes to provide a boost to the school’s programs.

Scope/Sports Categories

  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Athletics
  • Other

Nomination open to all students, teachers of CHS-JCCSS

Award Categories

  • Athletes, coaches, teachers or individuals who have made a significant contribution to promote sports at JCCHS/CHS.



**The inductee must be a graduate of Corentyne High School or, as it is currently called, JC Chandisingh High School or has left the school for an honorable reason that would not be detrimental to the image of the school.

**Must have graduated or left at least 10 years prior to nomination. Nominations  include posthumous alumni/teacher/coach.

**Must have demonstrated distinguished achievement in sports.


**Must have demonstrated an unusual high degree of success relative to the sport with which he/she was associated. Success will be measured not necessarily by wins and losses but may be determined by the degree of respectability brought to the school or community.

**A nominee must have gained sufficient recognition in the school, or alternatively, in the community or county or in the national or international arena. so as to be accepted as a respected nomination by the JCCHS/CHS alumni. Unique accomplishments shall also be considered in the selection of candidates.

**The nominee must have a good record of continuous good moral character and leadership

Recognition Levels

Many JCCHS/CHS alumni achieved national or international achievements in sports, while many others made significant contributions at the school or community level. In order to recognize such individuals and to place the achievements in perspective,  a hierarchy of four Hall of Fame Award awards has been established:

Level  1: School or Community Achievements

  • Distinguished themselves by their outstanding participation in CHS sports. Continued after graduation to distinguish themselves through outstanding achievements and/or awards within the community.

Level 2: County  or League Recognized Achievements

  • Significant achievement by competing and contributing at the county level, excelled in recognized domestic or foreign competitions, leagues or championships.

Level 3:  Country Representation

  • Significant achievement at the national level. Representing a country (e.g Guyana, USA, Canada etc)

Level 4: International Recognized Achievements

Highly esteemed with worldwide recognition.  A JCCHS/CHS legend in sports. (e,g participants in Test Cricket/world series/olympics etc)

Selection Process

  • The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, 6 or more members and one or more advisors.
  • The nomination forms will be circulated by the Committee Chair to all committee members. If the nominee is a committee member, the member will not participate in the evaluation process. The committee member will recuse himself/herself because of a conflict of interest. The remaining committee members will complete the evaluation.
  • The decision on induction into the Hall of Fame shall be in two phases:

Phase 1:

  • Select level of Award Level
    • Each committee member (with no conflict of interest) will assign the hierarchy level based on the criteria. The information will be E-mailed to the Committee chair.
    • The committee chair will verify that there is consensus on the HOF level. In those cases where it is difficult to choose the appropriate level for the nominee, the committee advisor shall adjudicate and assign a level.

Phase 2:

  • Decide on induction or hold nomination on file
    • Each committee member will be notified by the Committee chair as to the Award level agreed upon in Phase 1.
    • The committee members will proceed to assess whether the nominee meets the criteria. The committee member will decide whether the nominee should be inducted in that calendar year or whether the nomination should be placed on file for future consideration. A majority approval is needed from the Hall of Fame Committee for induction.

Nomination Process

Any JCCHS/CHS Alumnus/Alumna, teacher or former teacher shall be given the opportunity to submit applications at any time for consideration to the Sports Hall of Fame. Nomination(s) must be submitted by:

All nominations will remain on file for a period of 5 years from the last nomination and after that time period is up must be re-nominated for consideration at the next meeting of the committee.

Nominations will be accepted year round but must be on file by May 1 to be considered for nomination for that year.  The people that are nominating individuals shall inform those individuals of their nomination and may assist in gathering information on their past accomplishments.

Please refer to “DATA GATHERING” section below for the type of information you may submit.  If you do not have any of the data at your disposal you may submit only the name of your candidate.


  • Deadline for nominations—  May 1
  • Selection Committee Complete review—  June 1.
  • Select and Inform Recipients—  June 15
  • Complete information for awards and media—  July 1
  • Announce award winners — TBD
  • Awards Presentation- TBD


  1. Nominee’s name and year of graduation: _______________________
  2. Indicate if nominee is alive or if this is posthumous nomination: _______________________
  3. Sports(s) and year (s) in which the nominee participated: _______________________
  4. Outstanding accomplishments of  nominee  including  Post CHS   accomplishments (community, county, country or internationally) of nominee.: _______________________
  5. Please briefly describe this nominee’s career after JCCHS/CHS (athletic and/or professional): _______________________
  6. Address of nominee: _______________________
  7. Phone and E-Mail address of nominee: _______________________
  8. Name of nominator: _______________________
  9. Phone and E-Mail address of nominator: _______________________

This section for Hall of Fame Committee Use Only:

Committee Member Vote/Decision:

Place an x indicating your recommendation for induction sport type, award level and moral character  below:

Athletics______, Cricket______, Soccer______, Table-Tennis______, Volleyball______

Level 1______, Level 2______, Level 3______, Level 4______, Level 5______

Good moral character      yes______No______ some issues but decide to overlook______

E-mail to Committee Chair

Committee has agreed that Nominee should be evaluated at Level______.

Indicate by placing x whether nominee should be inducted now or nomination to be placed on hold;

Nomination Accepted______.   Nominee to be placed on hold for 5 years______.