Form 5 Business 1- Class of 2015

Anjo is in second row extreme left giving  swag sign

Dear Anjo, what a great individual you were, classmate, friend, bestie. You always had a beautiful smile and never envied anyone. We would always go by your home to cook something and make some juice, play games, run on the street, hide in your house and make the world of mess yet always have the best treatment. Anjo, we always had the best times when you were with us. If you were absent from school, we would call to see if you’re ok and we would get away from school to come and see you. When you got married we were so happy for you but we knew no more bush cook and other girlish frolics. I still can’t believe it. Anjo you never deserved what happened to you. He should have allowed you to live your life in peace with your beautiful baby. It is so sad that your earthly days are now over. Go in eternal peace to be with our Divine Father. We will never forget you.

Ms. Ratika Motilall – Class of 2015