I have some great and vivid memories of the Globe Cinema of New Amsterdam (NA)having being a regular patron and very familiar with the surrounding area. Some of you have mentioned about the Customs Office located opposite the Globe Cinema with its entrance off Stelling Road. The Customs Office which was then the Customs and Excise Department was where I worked for three years, 1962 to 1965. I was transferred to this Department in NA late 1962 after a short stint at the Customs main office in GT. When I started out in NA in late 1962, the Customs and Excise Department was part and aback of the old District Administration building whose entrance was from Strand. The upper flat of the District Administration Building had housed the District Commissioner’s (DC) Office with the DC at that time being Mr Lo Quan and his assistant was Leo Ramoutar who later became the DC. The front lower flat had housed the Licensing Office where the public had to purchase licences for bicycles and other items. At the time, one of the licence issuing officer was Gerry Baron of NA. In 1963, a new District Administration office was constructed off the backdam road (Republic Park) and the front part, both levels, of the old District Administration Office facing Strand was demolished. The back part which had housed the Customs Office was left standing and renovated.

Attached at the back of the Customs Office was the famous rum bond where high wines produced by Pln Albion Distillery were stored in wooden oak casks. All licensed spirit (rum)shop owners in the county of Berbice had to visit the Customs Office and pay their excise duties before uplifting their cask of high wine for blending into rum for retail.

I have some wonderful memories as many times I used to take my vacation time on mostly Mondays to be at the Globe Cinema for the 1.00 pm show but prefer not to go into details ay this time. . Mr Ho Yun, the owner of the Globe Cinema was formerly from Rose Hall , Corentyne.. Occasionally, one of the government licensing officer will visit the cinema do a spot count of the number of patrons at the shows so as to verify the entertainment taxes reported by the owner. Such great memories stay for ever.

Syd Latchana