As a young lad i remember this horrific murder on the and frhigh seas. I trial of the perpetrator Deokinan was prominent in the Guyana news papers such as the Chronicle. It was a a big sensational trial.It was proved that the killer disemboweled its victims and scuttle the vessel.In the end justice was served. The murderer did not escape the hangman, noose.I learned so much about Huzur Baksh. Thanks to Mr Syd Latchana. I got my big break in life with the help of Manzur Baksh, Huzur brother. He was my Manager at the Albion Estate Office.He was the Cost Accountant – a brilliant gentleman. He got all his Cert ACCA and ASIS from London University with the help of my cousin Ruby Byjulisingh husband Jawalla Samaroo. I visisted Huzur father Gasatoo residence.regularly. I am happy to learn that Huzur was involved in this sensationalized case. One of my friend Nazir Khan was working under K. Ramjattan father who was head master at BBP Mibikuri Primary school.I gleaned so much info from all the JCC contributors on this case.I know Ragubar the sawmiller. he is my friend Prem Hardowar uncle. It makes me so nostalgic reading all these Berbice stories. Kudos to the Administrator.

Jaglall Hiralall