Champions of Indo-Guyanese Welfare 1838-1938 by Prof. Basdeo Mangru

This well researched book is published to commemorate the centennial (100 years) of the abolition of the indenture system in March 1917. It captures the valiant efforts of concerned officials and groups to unearth, expose and improve the servile working and living conditions of indentured Indians. It highlights issues which have been neglected or glossed over in the literature. It details the role played by:

James Crosby, Immigration Agent-General
Joseph Beaumont, Chief Justice,
William Des Voeux, Stipendiary Magistrate
Bechu, the fearless Bengali
C.F. Andrews, Gandhi’s Emissary
the indentured workers as self-liberators
the assertiveness and militancy of Indian women
the British Guiana East Indian Association.


A source book which examines the role of colonial officials, organizations and individuals in their attempt to expose the plight of the largest ethnic group in Guyana. Dr Tyran Ramnarine.

This new book tells the story of the little known ‘friends’ of the ‘coolies’ in Guyana. Undoubtedly it is a service to all Guyanese – the young especially but also the ‘educated’ older heads. Dr Gary Girdhari .

Dr Mangru’s new book, again brilliantly researched, pays generous tribute to individuals, both British and Indian, who, at risk to their own careers, selflessly championed the struggle to end indenture and win freedom for Indian labourers from a “ new system of slavery”. Prof. Frank Birbalsingh

by Dr Basdeo Mangru. 198 Pages ,Paper,Photographs, Adams Press,(2017), Special Price $10