Feb7, 2019

We hear from Maharajie

My father was the last owner of the bus ” June Flower” from No. 47 village. My father’s name is Sunny Lodia AKA Gopie. Your [...]

Feb5, 2019

We hear from Buddy

I just spoke to my cousin Feroz about this site, discussed Jan ‘s recent entry and her books. I was pleasantly surprised that he lived [...]

Feb4, 2019

Parika stelling today – Tulsi Narayan

Feb4, 2019

We hear from Qiuya

I'm currently wiring my MA dissertation of the books by Shinebourne.  I found her essay extremely helpful. Thank you for your nice post!  Wish everyone [...]

Feb4, 2019


We would like to contact Ms. Fazia Khan Lalljie.  Her email address on file seems to be an old one.  Fazia is the daughter of CHS [...]

Jan30, 2019

Members – Chinese Association of BG

Jan29, 2019

“I’m a product of the sugar estate” – an essay by Ms. Jan Lowe Shineburne

I see myself as a product of the sugar estate. I think of most Guyanese [apart from the Amerindians] as being a product of the [...]

Jan28, 2019

Avenue of Palms, Wakenaam (1898 & 2019)