Port Mourant Reunion 2018 - NYC (5)

Port Mourant Reunion 2018 - NYC (2)

Port Mourant Reunion 2018 - NYC (1)

Port Mourant Reunion 2018 - NYC (3)

Port Mourant Reunion 2018 - NYC (4)


Recently, on Saturday July 28, I attended the Port Mourant Family Day Reunion held at the Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York. It is estimated that there was a crowd of over 1,500 in attendance some arriving from far away places such as Florida and Canada. Several of us from the Toronto area of Canada made the trip to attend this Reunion, met up with many acquaintances and Chs-Jccss alumni and had a wonderful time.

It was a bright sunny day under clear blue sky with a gentle breeze making the environment very comfortable to socialize and chat away with both friends and strangers as we moved around. The folks were very hospitable and there was an ample supply of tasty dishes along with an unlimited supply of beverages being shared around at no cost. The entertainment was fantastic which included tassa drumming and a DJ belting out some hot socca and chutney songs. As evident from the above pics, the dance floor was jammed with party goers both young and not so old having a grand time displaying their dancing skills. These PM gals can really dance especially to the chutney songs and they overwhelmingly outnumbered the guys on the dance floor.

A raffle was held with some grand prizes donated by the community. Lots of games for the kids to participate and the winners took home some grand prizes. Several well known PM family members including the Mallay and Chetram families were recognized and awarded plaques for their contribution to the PM community. We all had an enjoyable and wonderful time as the party continued until darkness and we had to vacate the park. Kudos to the committee members for their hard work and dedication in organizing such a flawless event. Over the years, I have attended many Reunion Days in Toronto, New York and Guyana but I will rate this as the best I have ever attended.

Pics from top to bottom:

1 st pic Left is my friend Navind Seetaram formerly of PM now residing in Ontario, Canada. In the middle, the young lady is Brenda Nauth formerly of Williamsburg now residing in NY and myself at the end. Knew Brenda for the longest time as her mom was our mother and sisters’ seamstress in Guyana.

2nd pic. My friend Tyran Rammnarine, a Chs alumnus of PM now residing in NY. Tryan now retired educator holds a PHD. At Chs, Tyran was our cricket captain in the 1960’s

3rd pic. The PM gals doing their thing and entertaining the crowd.

4th pic. Myself and friend Frederick Mallay, a Chs alumnus formerly of PM, proudly displays the plaque awarded to his late father, Joseph Mallay. Myself and Frederick go back a far way as we both resided and worked in the BG Civil Service in GT the early to mid 1960’s . We both became professional accountants and are now retired.

5th pic. The PM gals displaying their dancing skills.

Syd Latchana