With COVID-19 sweeping through 136 countries, and with the worse yet to come, the safest place to be right now would be on board the International Space Station (ISS) which is orbiting 250 miles above Earth. Like many of you, I have to work from home. I spend my evenings watching old ( I mean, very old) movies. I am also reading a book about the Black Death which is about the plague that ravaged Europe from 1347 to 1351. Also called the Bubonic Plague, it killed off about 150 million of the world’s population at that time. The ripples from that catastrophe are still felt. Kids to this day sing “Ring-a-ring of Roses / A pocket full of Posies / Achoo Achoo we all fall down.” Well that nursery rhyme has its origins in the Black Death. People carried posies of herbs in their pockets in the belief that it warded off the disease. Someone who was infected would have rings of rashes on his face. Just before a victim was about to die he would sneeze. Hence, “achoo achoo we all fall down.” We live in the present but the past is all around us. Whether we know it or not. Stay safe and healthy everyone. This too shall pass away. Have faith in God.

Rishi Singh