Song of Farewell

When the paddy fields are green again
And the cane is waving high,
And the ’sakis chirp their glad refrain
And no clouds dark the sky,
When once again my erring feet
Stray neath the ’kokar trees
I’ll recall those days when we did meet –
My dearest, Dolores.

The pleasant words which you did say,
Your voice so sweet and clear
Your radiant smile, so carefree, gay
The roses in your hair;
’tis thoughts like these that’ll haunt me still
The things I’ll never see,
Though I’m alone in Rose Hall vill.,
And you across the sea.

And through the years while you’re away
In far and friendless climes
Maybe alone at close of day
You’ll think of me sometimes.
You may recall those cheerful bowers
In which we found such bliss,
Whiling away the happy hours
With talk and stolen kiss.

Or you may think of eventide
When day had vanished far,
And night had stolen to our side
And brought its merry stars;
How oft’ at such a time, did we
(With love to guide us right)
Wander to the silvery sea
’Neath the moonbeams’ mellow light.

And if these thoughts, my dearest heart
Should bring tears to your eyes,
And stab you like sharp-pointed darts
And fill your heart with sighs,
Then to me, dear, won’t you return?
Though ‘Nay!’ shout earth and sky.

~ Ralph E. Chandisingh