St. Ann's Orphanage (1910)

The Ursulines, named after Saint Ursula the patron saint of education, was founded in 1535 in Italy with a mission to educate girls and to take care of the sick and needy. In 1847 six Ursuline sisters from Ireland arrived in the British colony of Guiana. Three years later they took into their care two little girls who were staying in the Alms House (the equivalent of the Daramsalla) in Georgetown. Soon other orphan girls were brought in and the St. Ann’s orphanage was started. In 1861 the sisters founded St. Roses High School. This 1910 photograph shows the girls of St. Ann’s Orphanage. For each one of them is Jesus in disguise ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Rishi Singh

Postscript: If you look closely at the photograph you will see a little boy. It has always been the policy of the Sisters not to separate siblings, even if they were of different gender.