Teachers - Albion CM Schoo - 1963


This rare masterpiece surfaced today. It was sent to me by CHS grad Ms. Marlene Rawana. This photograph was taken by JA Mootoo of Rose Hall Village in May 1963. We are most grateful to Marlene’s brother Simon Rawana (dec’d) who preserved this copy so that today we can gaze at it with awe, reverence, veneration, and nostalgia. The teachers are standing by the school’s front step (to the upper level) and by the front door to the ground level. I remember those doors so very well. The fact that Mr. SMG Singh, the Wood Work & Carpentry master, is wearing a tie and some of the other teachers are in suit (one even has on a bow tie) tells me that advanced notice was given about picture day. I also notice that the Domestic Science / Home Economics teacher is holding a bouquet of flowers. My guess is this was a special occasion. Please help us name the teachers if you can. I would hazard to say that some, maybe many, of them are no longer with us.

Rishi Singh