Hello ! My name is Walter Narsingh of Albion Front, Corentyne, Berbice.

Mr. Singh taught me along with Mr. Sukhan at Albion School. I was a student of JB Cropper and we used to attend woodwork at the Albion School on Wednesdays. I really enjoyed woodwork – Mr. Singh was always such a nice teacher – always smiling. He was also good at woodworking. I really enjoyed his classes. However a 1×6 tap on the head by Mr. Sukhan for holding the chisel incorrectly resulted in my leaving the woodworking class, much to my dismay. So I attended JB Cropper on Wednesdays – an idle day as the rest of my class members kept on attending woodwork. Is there any photograph of Mr. Singh lying around? I would love to see it!

May he rest in peace forever. You know something … I never knew what SMG stood for …Now I know.

Walter Narsingh