Last week I received an email from my little “sister” Eleanor Ross enquiring about my health because she had not seen any comments from me on this famous website so assiduously and indefatigably administered by Rishi Singh. And now both Rodney and Herman make the same enquiry. It is nice to be so remembered and so honoured.

I am happy to report that I am well. I do have some difficulty getting into the website but tonight I persisted and after several tries voila!

I am delighted that both of you gentlemen, distinguished alumni, continue to keep the memories going. The old church does indeed look quite majestic capable of stirring emotions that lie too deep for tears and it is a crying shame that this priceless historical monument has been allowed to go into disrepair and the rich vegetation untrimmed. I weep with Tennyson thinking of friends that are no more hid in death’s dateless night. Herman is right. It was among those “reeds” that Fredrick and Selwyn Ross and Maurice Churaman and I galavanted and played sword fencing and picked wild berries and laughed our heads off.

At Christmas time especially it was a time of jollity in the old church as our Christmas carols rose to the heavens accompanied by the unforgettable organ. We were absolutely sure that God in his high heaven felt our sincerity. To that little church in the vale I owe a lifetime of gratitude; I am sure that it continued to inspire all my thoughts of kindness and of love. Now in my eightieth year I have joined our venerable Mr Debah as an octogenarian. My memory is good and photographs like this stir dull roots within the brain enlivening the electrical circuitry and spreading to all the internal organs and indeed to every cell in the body. It is amazing what power still resides in the old church to stir recollections of a time when it was “bliss to be alive and to be young was very heaven.” But it was more than that. It enabled access to the sublime, the divine, whose energy pervaded the entire landscape illuminating the lives of all who came within its aura.

Not unlike this glorious website which through the magic of modern technology keeps us connected in cyberspace enriching even “the high heavens” with kindness and of love.

Julius B. Nathoo