I graduated in 1987. I sat the Common Entrance Exams in 1982 and topped Region 6. I wanted to attend NAMS as a lot of my friends who secured a spot there wanted to do.Our parents tried very hard to make this possible but transportation became a problem. There was too many of us for one car and they were not comfortable with us taking a bus. They visited JCCSS and spoke to the principal that they were going to transfer all their kids to that school on one condition.They wanted us to have a different classroom.That was the beginning of form IM and we continued onward.Our classroom was in the old building at the back of the new building.The original building. the top was the library and we were downstairs. I am sure there are records this at the school.

Some of the kids in my class were Poonai Singh, Yogeshwar Burchell, Heeralall Hastoo.

I will send some pictures soon.

Ms. Karen Jaipaul – Class of 1987